The Best Business Card One Can Have

"eBC" is a dynamic multifunctional ELECTRONIC BUSINESS CARD that allows service users to communicate with potential clients professionally. "eBC" app is uniquely designed for professional networking, regardless of your background, line of work or your market target. Service users can reach out to professional people, businesses, educational establishments and improve their networking according to their needs globally more effectively and safely. "eBC" App Platform is suitable for students, jobs seekers, companies, businesses, employers and clients who would like to network, to better their needs and improve their services.

Environmental Impact

Much is being done in Protecting and enhancing the environment and "eBC" is committed to contribute in safeguarding and maintaining the environment too. As "eBC" service user, you will be using electronic business card therefore empowering yourself, contributing and helping us to: -

  1. 01Reduce the carbon footprint.
  2. 02Reduce global warming by utilizing less trees to make hard copy business card and maintaining the environment.
  3. 03Reduce waste products that would normally be associated with traditional networking tools.
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About Us

The founder; Mr. Joseph Salomon has designed "eBC" the unique electronic Business Card to ensure that people can communicate more freely and effectively across the Globe. "eBC" App has been invented and designed to enable service users to network and maximize their potential contacts.

"eBC" is not just a Business Card; it is a unique communication tool to network safely and more professionally. "eBC" has revolutionized the way people / Businesses network in the 21st century.

It can be used by people across the board, businesses, clients, self-employed, jobseekers, florists, models, photographers, students or anyone who wants to increase their network and connect with one another professionally.

App Features


QR Code will be assigned, as a unique reference to every service user for security purposes.


Service user can invite, share as many electronic business cards with other users through social media and can also save up to 5 contacts for free. To add more contacts, user can purchase the subscription plan as per the choice.


Service user can search another service user and invite him to download eBC App. Service User can also save the business cards of any user under "My contacts" through scanning feature of the app.


Scanned business card will generate a unique ID code for safety reason so that it will reduce the risk of scammers copying the details of service user.


Service users can upload pdf documents & photos, edit any personal details; like mobile, address and other information, reject & accept any contacts.


Allows Service user to upgrade to their desired subscription plan with ease.

Subscription Plan

Number of contacts Up To 5 Up To 50 Up To 200 Up To 500 Up To 1000 Up To 2000
Individual Price Per Service user 0 £ 0.50 £1.00 £1.65 £3.30 £6.00
Company Package Staff Saving            
1 0% 0 £0.50 £1.00 £ 1.65 £3.30 £6.00
5 3% 0 £2.43 £4.85 £8.00 £16.01 £29.10
10 5% 0 £4.75 £9.50 £15.68 £31.35 £57.00
20 7% 0 £9.30 £18.60 £30.69 £61.38 £111.60
50 10% 0 £22.50 £45.00 £74.25 £148.50 £270.00
100 12% 0 £44.00 £88.00 £145.20 £290.40 £528.00
500 15% 0 £212.50 £425.00 £701.25 £1,402.50 £2,550.00
1000 17% 0 £415.00 £830.00 £1,369.50 £2,739.00 £4,980.00
2000 20% 0 £800.00 £1,600.00 £2,640.00 £5,280.00 £9,600.00

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